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We use different types of armatures for awnings with retractable arms, to give the customer the maximum choice and possibility of customizing the products in terms of size, installation, colors, fabrics and packaging systems.

We offer our technical and aesthetic assistance service in order to coordinate materials and fabrics also with our outdoor furniture, for classic and modern private homes, shops, bars, hotels and restaurants.

We enrich the offer with Somfy IO motorizations and wireless home automation management systems , which allow the remote management of your awnings and the verification of operating feedback, as well as with sun and wind sensors and daily programming.

Some samples: Awnings > 01_Tende a bracci









Tenda a bracci con barra quadra

Tenda a bracci con doppia inclinazione tipo marcesa

Tenda con bracci telescopici Jumbo Stobag

Tenda con bracci telescopici Jumbo Stobag con fissaggio su pietra

Tende a bracci per attività ricettive

Tende con scritte pubblicitarie

Tende per facciate