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This type of vertical shielding has undergone a great technological development in recent years, thanks above all to the side zip fastening of the fabric, made to the extreme by STOBAG with the SIR system, which allows, in addition to excellent functioning, to achieve wind resistance up to 120 Km/h for the reference dimensions.

Shading of this kind, with the new ultra-performing micro-perforated fabrics, the transparent fabrics, the new polyester and the blackout fabrics, are ideal for dissipating heat and can be made both for closing terraces and wells (even with double curtains transparent and filtering in the same box), as well as the protection of windows and curtain walls.

Being able to reach sizes up to 30 square meters, these tents are ideal for contemporary villas and apartments, commercial premises and industrial establishments. We enrich the offer with Somfy IO motorizations and wireless home automation management systems , which allow the remote management of your awnings and the verification of operating feedback, as well as the sun and wind sensors and daily programming.

Some samples: Awnings > 03_Tende a caduta

Ombreggiamento porticato con tende Ventosol e tessuto Soltis

Ombreggiamento serra solare con tessuto microforato





Tenda a braccetti Visombra Stobag con aggancio brevettato


Tende cassonate con scritte pubblicitarie

Tende filtranti per facciate continue

Tende ombreggianti per attivita produttive

Tende Screen incassate nella muratura

Tende ventosol filtranti con fissaggio su angolo

Tende Zip a caduta di grandi dimensioni su facciate

Tende Zip a caduta di grandi dimensioni su facciate continue