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This type of awning is ideal for shading solar greenhouses or covering solar greenhouses to darken.

A traction system with gas springs in the guides is combined with a box where the fabric is wrapped and where the motorization is housed.

They can be installed directly on the profiles of greenhouses and pergolas, or with brackets of various sizes (also with anti-vibration technology), or be placed against the wall like a pergola, with adjustable and cantilevered pillars.

The ideal fabrics for these curtains are polyester among the textiles and the waterproof Soltis W96 Ferrarì among the technical fabrics.

We enrich the offer with Somfy IO motorizations and wireless home automation management systems , which allow the remote management of your awnings and the verification of operating feedback, as well as with sun and wind sensors and daily programming.

Some samples: Awnings > 04_Tende in trazione

Arnex Stobag con molle a gas integrate

Pergola con tessuto in trazione Pergolino Stobag per ristoranti

Pergolino Stobag

Pergolino Stobag con illuminazione integrata

Pergolino Stobag tre guide

Targa Plus Stobag con molle a gas a doppio stadio

Targa Plus Stobag con molle a gas per ombreggiamento serra solare

Targa Stobag a tre guide

Targa Stobag su tetto vetrato

Tenda in trazione ombreggiante Airomatic PS4000 Stobag